Branching off from Home #4

For the past two days of class, we have gotten to learn about the other topics for this project. Each project was similar to my own, with a Powerpoint that had background information and then a Videolicious. While taking notes, I focused on how each topic related to the theme of “People, Places, and Power”. Below are my notes, compiled into 2-3 sentences describing how they fit with the theme.

European Imperialism in Africa:

Europeans thought that they were more powerful/held above Africans because of Social Darwinism. Because of this, Europeans thought it was fine to barge in and take control over African countries.

Labor vs. Big Business:

In America, there was a select amount of very rich businessmen (Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan), who had power over their workers. When the group of workers thought that they did not have enough power, they grouped together in the same place to strike against their unfair treatment.

Native Americans in the West:

The American government used their power to move Indians out of the Great Plains, where they originally lived, to new places. Indians were not only forced to live in new places, but forced to accept American culture into their own.

Immigration from Asia:

When Asians were immigrating from Asia to America, they faced many hardships. The American government used their power to create laws that restricted Asians from coming into the US and working (Chinese Exclusion Act). Sometimes, when Asians were able to work but were not being treated fairly, they would protest together for better wages and conditions.

Immigration from Europe:

Similar to people migrating from Asia, Europeans faced many hardships in trying to get into the United States. People in the United States thought they were above immigrants, and thought that they should have power over the immigrants. When immigrants came over, they usually lived in Ghettos (areas that only one group of people lived in) because they were afraid of living anywhere else.


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