Branching off from Home #3

Our next step in the process for this project was to get together with the people who had the topic “Imperialism in America” and combine our knowledge to get a deeper understanding. Being able to share all of our ideas helped us learn even more about Imperialism in America. The first new idea that I learned was how power can come from many places. This connects to Imperialism in America because power came from newspapers, the government, as well as naval officers. Another new Enduring Understanding that I gained was “The goal of war is often times not solely to end the conflict but gain control of strategic locations and political power of the place”. This helped me understand that countries had ulterior motives when trying to “help” other countries. I also learned about the Great White Fleet, and how America used it to show off their new power gained from Imperialism. Finally, I was introduced to this new picture.

Newspapers. “The World, February 17 1898.” Accessed June 11, 2014.

This picture shows the power of propaganda, and how people could easily be morphed by what they read. Based off of this picture, as an American citizen, I would think that America needed to do something about the blowing up of this ship.

Overall, I thought my group did a great job of working together. We all shared our Enduring Understandings, and many of them had the same basic ideas. Both Parker and Andrew had new insights that I did not find, so it was very helpful for them to share with me. Simone had great images, which were very helpful as well because I am a visual learner. With the Videolicious, we ran into a few problems because we needed to talk very fast. But, we persevered to make an awesome video!

Here is a link to the video:



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