EdCafe Fun

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the EdCafe. My favorite part about it was how you got to lead a session, and pick what you wanted to talk about. For me, when I’m interested in something, it is more enjoyable to talk about. This also goes with another thing I liked, which was being able to pick what presentation I attended. I think it goes for all students that if you like what you’re doing or have a choice on what your doing, you are more engaged in the lesson. One thing that could be fixed is the preparation. My partner and I barely finished preparing our lesson in the one class period given to prepare. But that problem could easily be fixed if we were told that we needed to finish our presentation for homework.

Our presentation went very well for a first time Edcafe. Simone and I did our lesson on the different outlooks of slavery from someone who has been enslaved their whole life versus someone who had been forced into it. One thing we did well was use the whiteboard that we signed up for. Having the white board at our disposal allowed us to write our notes on the board. Not only was it easier for us to organize our questions and notes, but also it was easier for the people attending our lesson. The Venn diagram made it easier for the people attending to take notes on our topic, why still being able to add into the conversation. One thing we could make better for next time is that we could have had more quotes from the reading to support our claims.  But I think our presentation went excellently. We had a good amount of people who came and we never ran out of topics to talk about.


These are the notes from our presentation

I do believe I was a good attendee to the other presentations. It was hard to contribute a lot to the discussions because we did not know which ones we were going to go to until the day of the presentations. Because of this, I felt a little unprepared. The two presentations that I went to were about the emotional toll of slavery, and the difference of slave masters. Since all we did was discuss in the groups, it was a little challenging to take notes and talk. But I definitely got a better understanding on both topics, and I learned new information as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the EdCafe, and hope we do it again soon!

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