Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is a controversial political figure. Some historians view him as one of the greatest leaders of American history; as a man who enlarged American democracy and changed views on presidency. But others viewed him as a negative impact on America, because he oppressed the rights of Blacks and Native Americans greatly. Both views are validated and Jackson had actions that can make one believe either side. With the positive view, one could bring up the Bank War. Jackson thought the Second Bank of the United Sates should be destroyed because it favored the rich and had too much power. Jackson wanting to get rid on this bank is an example of how he fought for the common people’s rights over the rich. Going against this positive connotation with Jackson, many viewed him negatively. One example of why people did not support him could be the Trail of Tears. This was a movement he started to push Native Americans out west. They were literally forced to walk through states, with many dying along the way.

Because of the clash of outlooks on Andrew Jackson, many political cartoons were done to sway citizens a certain way. In this certain political cartoon, Andrew Jackson is being portrayed negatively. It is sarcastically calling Jackson the “Great Father” of the Native Americans. The cartoon shows him as a fatherly figure, caring for the smaller, less capable natives. This is an attack on Jackson because he was the opposite of a father to them. He thought of them as much lesser, and was looking for a way to remove them from his system of government. I agree with the cartoon’s stance that Jackson is not indeed the “people’s president” as many label him. If he were the people’s president he would care for all the people, which would include the Native Americans. Instead, he pretentious views of being better than them made him treat them unfairly.


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