Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine was a document signed by James Monroe and it handled three main issues for the US. It first handled Russia, saying that they would have to compromise if they wanted land in the northwest of America. Second, it stated that they would support the new Latin American countries if the Holy Alliance tried to come in and reclaim land. Finally, they it stated they would stay neutral and not ally with Great Britain.

The United States disagreed with the dominant ideology of the Quintuple Alliance. They do not believe that the alliance should be able to step in and take back the countries that had just gained their independence.  One quote from the doctrine that supports this is “We owe it, therefore, … to the…relations existing between the United States and those powers to declare that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere as dangerous to our peace and safety.” This quote talks about how if the alliances ever came in and tried to attack the newly independent Latin American countries, America would fight. My selfie also describes how the US disagreed with the dominant ideology of the Quintuple Alliance. It showed the congress’s reaction to the part of the doctrine where the US tells Russia that they have to work something out with the land in Washington- they aren’t going to sit back and let Russia take it. The senate thought this was a good idea because it was power statement to Russia, as well as good for the economy.


The selfie shows how excited congress was towards Monroe’s decision to not let Russia take the land in the northwest.

The Monroe doctrine also affected the world. It affected the Latin American countries because it gave them protection for the Holy Alliance coming in and taking over again. The US not allying with Britain also showed these new independent lands that countries formed from revolutions could one day make their own decisions. It affected the Russians in a less positive way because they did not think they needed to negotiate for land in the Americas- they thought that they could take it. They also did not like the US taking the Latin American’s side because they were apart of the Holy Alliance. One good thing that came out of the Monroe Doctrine for the Russians was that the US didn’t ally with Britain. This was because Russia only viewed America as a threat if they were with Britain. They thought they could take on the US alone.

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