Industrial Revoltuion: America vs Great Britain

          Industrialists were more likely to succeed in Great Britain than in America. The main reason is because they will never run out of workers. Because there is not an endless amount of land in Great Britain (all of it has been owned for several years), if a farmer had a bad year there was no where else to go. This made the Industrialists able to create low wages, because if anyone complained they could be replaced easily. Another reason why industrialist would be more likely to success in Great Britain is that they had many more connections to other countries. America was a fairly new country, so they did not have as many trading partners as Great Britain. The more countries to trade with meant more good to trade, which meant more money for the industrialists. Also in Great Britain, government officials were paid off so they wouldn’t create new laws about the conditions of the factories. This made is so the factory owners could continue with having unfair wages and working hours. Finally, industrialists in GB have more raw materials to work with, including coal and iron.



This picture is an example of what factory owners made their workers do in Great Britain. Because of the power they held over child laborers, the industrialists could make them do what ever they wanted even if it was unsafe. 

         Because industrialists were more likely to succeed in Great Britain through low wages and terrible conditions, the workers in America had a more positive experience. During the Industrial Revolution, there was much more land in America than there was in Great Britain. If a farmer had a bad year in America, there was plenty of land out West to go and try again with. This meant the industrialists did not have an endless supply of workers. Because they needed all the workers they could get, the industrialists created better working conditions so the factories workers would stay. This created a better experience in general for the workers in America.

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