Communist Manifesto PSA

Marx, Karl and Frederich Engels. The Communist Manifesto.  Modified from the Avalon Project. 1848. Yale University.                                       (accessed September 18, 2013).

The author of this source, Karl Marx, is credited for being the creator of Communism. His idea that everyone should be equal and work together is based off of his tough upbringing in poverty. His radical ideas began to mature when he went to the University of Berlin, where he studied politics and philosophy. His coauthor, Friedrich Engels, is also considered to be one of the fathers of communism. These two have written other books together, including Das Capital that criticizes capitalist ideas. The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 for a group of German immigrants. This pamphlet was written to provide a clear vision of the new system Marx and Engels had created. It was written at the time of the Revolutions of 1848, when many countries were revolting against their government. Having his writings being published at this time, Marx gave these citizens an idea to work of off- one with benefits for the common man. One limit of this document is that since the “creator of communism” is writing it, the document only tells of the positives of communism. The document shows no negative sides of communism, or how others feel about it. Throughout the document, he shares the main points of his new economic system. He preaches that capitalism will be revolted eventually, and when it falls communism will be the only answer to pick back up the economy. He speaks of how everyone will have the same amount of power; the rich will no longer have private property or have the ability to monopolize. Marx and Engels are trying to recruit a following for their new system. This document is a guidebook for citizens to see how they can change how their country is run.

*The second line of the citation (starting at the link) should be indented; the formatting isn’t working. The paragraph should also be indented, but again the formatting isn’t working

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